Scripted Webinar Recap: Industry and Specialty Applications

Have questions about Scripted’s Industry and Specialty applications? Check out this webinar before applying!

[This article was published in October 2014 and may be outdated. The webinar content may also contain outdated application information.]

As a Scripted writer, you’re aware of the importance of our Industry and Specialty application processes. Earlier this week, Editorial Analyst Kate Garklavs covered both processes, discussing the steps in and best practices for each.

Couldn’t catch the webinar the first time around? Not to fret: You can watch the recording right here. If you’d like a written transcript, email and we’ll send one to you within a business day.

If you’d like just the key takeaways from the presentation, you’re also in luck. Here are the main things to keep in mind as you apply to Industries and Specialties:

  • Please select a relevant writing sample (one that relates to the Industry or Specialty you’re applying to)
  • Please make sure that your writing samples were not previously written for Scripted clients
  • Please always include a tagline (Industry apps) or bio (Specialty apps)
  • Make sure your writing samples meet the minimum word count
  • Specialty applicants are encouraged to include links to their LinkedIn profiles and online portfolios
  • Make sure the copy in your writing sample is completely clean

A big thanks to all who attended the webinar and who asked great questions during the Q&A.

Our next writer webinar, “Excelling as a Scripted Writer,” will be held on October 21st (2:00 PM PT). Watch your inbox for registration details and more information!