Not Just Blogging, But Rather Vlogging

It was discovered that the average attention span of an Internet visitor is about the same as a goldfish, about 6 seconds. This might seem like a short amount of time to let your visitors know what you have to say.

It is no surprise that there has been an increase in the amount of video blogs created. Video blogging or vlogging can achieve quicker success when compared to traditional blogging methods. Here are some reasons why website visitors would prefer vlogs.

Vlogs are Instantaneous

With just a quick click, website visitors can instantly view and listen to you without have to read lines of content. Vlogs cater to everyone, both visual and auditory learners. However, traditional blogs only favor visual learners. When people think about videos, they assume that a vlog has to be long. However, the best video blogs do not have to be long-winded.

Video Blogs are Transparent

The great thing about vlogs is that clients and customers will feel like you are talking directly to them. New updates about products and services can be video-blogged. Web users hunger for a more personalized experience on the Internet. This puts a “face” to the company, and visitors will be able to see the human element and enterprise interacting. Video blogs will give your visitors something that they do not normally see. This is why “cookie-cutter” blogs do not do so well on the Web.

Vlogging Builds Brand Credibility

One of the greatest uses of video blogging is how it is currently been used to build brand credibility. Using vlogging as part of your content strategy, the credibility of your brand can increase as you use vlogs to provide useful information. Brand credibility with vlogs should not be confused with sales videos. Instead, vlogs should not include the hard sell, but rather be used to build customer and client relationships.