Writers, Here’s How to Craft an Eye-Catching Pitch

Pitching clients is one of the best ways for writers to get gigs through Scripted.

Scripted has dozens of pitching opportunities available for writers willing to write blogs, tweets, press releases and more. It is not hard to make a living with freelance writing if writers spend a small amount of time and effort to pitch clients. Here, are five strategies writers can use to create successful pitches in order to get more writing gigs.

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1. Pitch Regularly

Always pitch clients on a regular basis. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to read and review opportunities before making several pitches. It’s simple mathematics, writers who consistently pitch clients have a greater chance of getting hired.

2. Never Give Up

Sometimes it takes time to win pitches. Often, clients receive numerous pitches on any given subject. It may take some time for a client to approve a pitch. Don’t give up; many writers find pitches are approved several days or more after a pitch is made.

3. Spice Up Your Pitches

Take time to come up with an interesting title for your pitches. The title should be interesting and leave the client wanting to find out more. Additionally, pitching titles that solve a problem or offer hints and tips have proven to be the most successful for Scripted writers.

4. Do Your Homework

Five minutes of research on available topics can lead to an abundance of ideas. Do some research on the proposed topic prior to pitching. Check out any relevant articles writers have already published on the subject matter, and look for a unique approach. Perhaps you might have some knowledge about a particular topic that no one has covered. Writers who come up with unique approaches to ideas have a greater chance of having their pitches approved.

5. Keep Reading

Most writers pitch topics that are in line with their chosen niche areas. Writers who focus on certain niches should regularly read articles in line with their niche to stay up to date on new developments and ideas.

Pitches are a great way for writers to keep getting gigs. Clients need regular assistance with content strategy and content marketing. Writers who are willing to invest some time and effort into making pitches will find that there are plenty of opportunities to write.

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