How to attract female readers to your website or blog

Attracting female readers doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Just remember that no matter what your personal experience has taught you, all women are different. Start from the premise that women are interested in all types of content (because they are).

With that in mind, let’s begin with a few absolute don’ts:

  • Don’t assume women are only interested in “girly” things like fashion or babies. Even if you’re writing about male-centric topics like guns or extreme mountain biking, don’t assume women aren’t interested. If you think that women won’t be interested, it will come through in your writing, and they definitely won’t stick around.
  • Don’t be offensive. Just don’t do it. If you think it’s even borderline, cut it. There’s so much content on the web these days. If you make someone angry or offended, they won’t come back, and they might tell their friends to avoid you as well.

Now that we’ve got that nasty negative stuff out of the way, let’s talk about what you can do to attract more female readers.

Provide quality content

Some rules never change. If you provide good content, readers will come. Make sure it’s intelligent and well written. But take note that statistics have proven that women read more than men, so if your writing is poor, they’re more likely to notice.

Get to the point

Women have less time. It’s a simple fact. There are certain cultural factors that account for this: women do more to balance their work and family lives, and when they do have spare time, they prefer to spend it socializing in real life rather than online.

What does that mean for you? Keep it to the point, and use images. Sites that provide information without unnecessary distraction will appeal to more women.

Offer customized content

You don’t have to turn your site into a parenting site to attract women, but you should consider adjusting your content slightly.

If your site is, for instance, all about DIY, it’s very easy to get caught up in reviewing tools or talking about hardware. Rewrite the same content to focus on “organizing the home” or making the house look better. Men still care about these topics, but phrasing it correctly will draw more women in as well.

It’s all about the family

Tie everything back to family. And I don’t mean that you should write about mothers and babies. Think about what family means: it means connection, it means socialization, it means consideration, and most importantly, it means economy.

If you’re writing about social media, emphasize connection. If you’re writing about guns, write about safety.

Parting Words

More than anything, remember that the goal is not to alienate your male readers, but to attract more female readers. Believe it or not, men are interested in many more topics than you might imagine as well. Diversifying your blog can inspire your own creativity, which will create more longevity for your site.