Get Great LinkedIn Profiles by Hiring a Writer

With a great LinkedIn profile, you have a better chance of standing out from among the 100 million members on the site. LinkedIn is a good resource for finding a full-time job or freelance work, locating experts in an industry, connecting with old classmates or networking with new prospects. For non-writers, creating a great profile can be a time-consuming challenge. One solution is to hire writers skilled in writing profiles.

Why a Good LinkedIn Profile is Important

With a full profile on LinkedIn, you get the attention of people you want to connect with. By using the right keywords in your profile, it is easier for other members to find you when searching for someone with your knowledge. Once members have your name they can visit your profile. If it is compelling enough, potential employers, sales leads or business partners will want to contact you.

A profile is your calling card. It describes who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish on LinkedIn. It is an excellent way to tell the members what your talents and skills are. A good profile makes it easy for people to understand what you can offer them in terms of expertise, skills and background.

Why Hire a Writer

For one thing, hiring a writer saves you time and allows you to complete other tasks on your to do list. By hiring a writer with marketing experience, you get an attention-getting headline, engaging summary and interesting sub-headings. A writer who also uses LinkedIn regularly has a good understanding of what the most effective profiles have in common. This is the type of writer you want. If you want to hire content writers to create profiles, consider using a writing marketplace that screens every writer and only hires professionals. This will get you the results that you want with your LinkedIn profile.