[Webinar Recap] The Science of Building Actionable Buyer Personas

Documenting your buyer personas is essential to creating an effective marketing and sales strategy. Without first knowing your audience, your content and sales efforts are irrelevant.

On Thursday, November 5th, the experts and LeadGenius and Scripted discussed how to develop data driven buyer personas for better lead generation and content marketing. 

Throughout the 60 minute webinar, VP of Sales at LeadGenius, Ryan Williams, Co-Founder of Scripted, Ryan Buckley, and Director of Marketing at Scripted, Eric MacColl talked about:

  • Using data from your CRM to build in-depth buyer personas
  • Refining, iterating, and testing your ideal customer profiles
  • Creating effective content for each buyer stage
  • How get started with content creation
  • Lessons learned from LeadGenius customers

Additionally, they answered questions from the audience including:

  • How many customers do you talk with before creating your buyer persona?
  • Besides CRM tools, are there other ways you collect data for buyer personas?
  • What are the examples of the 3 different stage type of collateral you make?
  • How do you determine what those buyer persona problems are? Is it based upon what content they look at or are you asking more direct questions?

Listen to the recorded webinar below:

Or view the slides here: