3 Ways Scripted.com’s WordPress Plugin Can Save You Time

If you use WordPress as your content management system, find out how our plugin can save you time. 

Our WordPress Plugin is a great feature you can use for free that will transfer content from your Scripted dashboard right to your WordPress. It’s an efficient way to manage your content in your content management system, eliminating the copy and paste act  — how convenient is that? Find out exactly how our plugin can save you time below.

1. Request Edits

The Scripted WordPress plugin isn’t an additional platform you have to manage. In fact, it allows you to manage all of your content right in WordPress. For this reason, once you receive a first draft from a Scripted writer you’re able to request edits directly from WordPress, rather than having to login to your Scripted dashboard.

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2. Accept a Finished Job

Once you request edits and are happy with your final piece, you’re able to accept the finished job right in WordPress. It’s really just as simple as a click of a button. This means you don’t have to sign in to your Scripted dashboard to accept the final product.

3. No More Copying & Pasting Your Articles Into WordPress

As a content marketer, your time is valuable and we’re sure you’ve felt the pain of having to format and transfer links into your content management system after receiving an article. Our plugin eliminates that act.

Want to try out our WordPress plugin? Find out how to download it here.

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