How to Optimize Your Content for Conversion


Show Notes

  • Machine learning expert Guy Yalif created Intellimize to help marketers optimize their content for conversion.
  • By testing changes to your site, you can optimize for particular actions, such as a user creating an account or scheduling a demo.
  • Website optimization helps you make the most of traffic brought in by your content marketing strategy.
  • Defining your goals is the key to success, both in marketing and in building a business.

An engineer by training, Guy Yalif is an expert in machine learning. During his career, he’s worked at several well-known tech companies, including Twitter and Yahoo! Guy is now the CEO of Intellimize. In this discussion with Scripted CEO Ryan Buckley, he shares the challenges of being a CEO of a growing company, as well as revealing some secrets that can help brands make the most of their content marketing strategies.

What is Intellimize?

Intellimize is a tool that helps marketers optimize their desktop and mobile websites to maximize their conversion rates. You can use the tool to show different versions of your website to different customers. If one version outperforms the other by driving more conversions, it will be adopted for all website visitors. Through an iterative process of testing and improvement, Intellimize can make a website convert more effectively, which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. Since Guy co-founded the company with two former Yahoo! colleagues, the startup’s workforce has grown to five people, with more hiring planned for the near future.

What Makes Intellimize Unique?

Intellimize is different from other optimization tools on the market. Most tools use traditional A/B testing, in which marketers must wait for a change to show a statistically significant improvement in results before they adopt it across the site. Many tools require marketers to know a lot about statistics and spend a lot of time tweaking parts of their site to reap even small benefits. Intelligize takes a bigger-picture approach, encouraging you to think about changes you can make to the distribution of information on your site, as well as tweaking single pages to make them convert more effectively. Unlike other tools, which require a huge amount of traffic to draw statistical conclusions, Intellimize has been built from the ground up to work with relatively small amounts of traffic, which makes it a good option for B2B sites.

What Changes Can You Test With Intellimize?

You can make a wide range of changes to your site using Intellimize. For example, many marketers put off potential leads by requiring them to give too much information in contact forms. Try pre-populating or removing some fields from your contact form to lower the barrier to people getting in touch. Another good option to try is a popup that appears when a customer moves their mouse out of the browser window, which could indicate that they’re about to close the window or start doing something else. This could be the perfect time to let them know about a discount or offer to persuade them to convert. You can test both these changes, as well as a wide range of other changes to your site, using Intellimize.

Optimization, Content Analytics, and Content Marketing

According to Guy Yalif, website optimization and content marketing go hand in hand. A strong content marketing strategy can bring in a huge amount of traffic to your site. It’s important to ensure you make the most of that traffic by increasing conversion rates. Otherwise, your hard-earned traffic could end up leaving your site without having any meaningful interaction with your brand, letting your content marketing efforts go to waste. On the other hand, using Intellimize to automate your website optimization process gives you more time to spend on creating and distributing high-quality content.

Identifying Your Goals

To predict and improve the rate at which your content marketing traffic converts, you first need to define what a conversion means for you. What do you want the people visiting your site to do? Sign up for an account? Make a purchase from your online store? Schedule a demo of your product or look up the location of a physical store? When you know what a conversion means for your business, you can use Intellimize to optimize for that outcome.

Planning for Success

On a personal level, success also depends upon you knowing what you want to achieve. Once you have your goals clearly in mind, you can identify which tasks on your to-do list are most important for getting you closer to achieving them. Guy isn’t a CEO who believes that simply working long hours can bring success. Instead, he advises ensuring that everyone in the company is clear about the brand’s goals, so they can prioritize appropriately.

Time and Energy are Valuable Resources

What’s the most valuable resource you have at your disposal? To Guy Yalif, the answer is clear. Time is a commodity that is always limited. If you use it wisely, you can drive growth in your company, but it’s easy to let time slip by without noticing. Guy advises tracking your time, either with a spreadsheet or with another tool that works for you, so you can see what activities you spend most time on and work out whether they correlate with your goals. It’s also important to understand your own energy ebbs and flows. If, like Guy, you work best in the morning and evening but experience a late-afternoon lull in energy, you may find it beneficial to do your most important tasks in the morning and work on basic administration during the afternoon.