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Scripted Partners With Zirtual to Offer Self-Service Account Management

Did you know that if you’re a Zirtual customer you’ll receive 15 percent off any Scripted content?

8/11/15 Update: Zirtual has shut it’s doors.  If you were working with a ZA and Scripted we will continue to honor the discount. Let us know how we can help at support@scripted.com


We’re offering 15 percent off of our pricing for all Zirtual customers. To claim this great deal, shoot an email to victoria@scripted.com and copy your ZA (or have your ZA send the email). We won’t honor this deal unless Zirtual vouches that you’re currently a Zirtual customer!

So, what can you do when you combine Scripted and Zirtual?

Think of it like self-service account management. If you’re too busy to add jobs, approve pitches, and request edits on your posts, your ZA can do it for you. Requesting edits and adding new topics are the biggest points of friction in our process, and Zirtual can solve it for you.

Let’s make it even more clear by showing how much time you can save with the Scripted+Zirtual combo!

Without Zirtual

With Zirtual

This saves hours of your time so you can focus on your business. And the cost can be as low as $100-200 per mo, depending on how much ZA time you need. If you’re interested, shoot a note to Victoria at victoria@scripted.com.

Got a success story about combining Scripted and Zirtual? Tell us in the comments!