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Categorizing Subject Matter Expertise

With over 11 million words written by Scripted writers, our NLP team had a lot on their plate. If we want to be able to confidently provide businesses with true experts in a given subject, we need to figure out the best way to efficiently group writers in that given subject.

The number of jobs completed by a writer in a given industry is one qualification that helps us determine what specialty they might fit on.


The first step in classifying documents is to numerically describe documents to a computer. In doing this, we can tell how similar two documents are to each other. In checking these first 11 million words, we were able to classify our documents into 115 categories. Next, we established our most common and popular categories and turned those into teams of Scripted Specialists.


Defining Writers with Subject Matter Expertise

After determining the number of articles written on a topic by a specific writer, we review satisfaction scores from businesses, initial Scripted application test scores, acceptance rate, and delivery status. Individual Scripted writers may also nominate themselves as a Specialist, after which they’ll undergo an in-depth vetting process from our review board.

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Writer Matching Technology
Utilizing NLP (natural language processing), we're able to categorize the niche skills of individual writers based on what they've already written.

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Writer Screening
Our writers undergo a series of tests and are carefully reviewed by Scripted nominated reviewers.

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Copy Editing & Quality Control
Delivering high quality-content to clients is our number one priority. Our team of copy editors checks for spelling, plagiarism, and more.

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Scripted API
Partnering with Scripted has never been easier. Integrate Scripted's services with your platform to have direct access to content on demand.

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