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Proprietary Editor Test

There’s more than just a compelling story that goes into creating an effective piece of writing: a good editing process can be just as influential as quality composition. Scripted now has an editor layer for all of our written work by vetting editors through an automated editing test.

We divided the test into two sections that we consider to be the most important aspects of editing: English semantic recognition (copyediting) and a deeper understanding of the writing assignment. The essay copyediting section measures an editor’s ability to detect errors in the semantic elements of writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and idiomatic errors. The multiple-choice section tests understanding of theme, text organization and prompt adherence. Read more about our editor test.

20% acceptance rate for editors

Spell Check & Grammar Check

The final step in Scripted’s quality control process is to ensure that work is delivered free of spelling and grammar errors. Just in case our team of editors miss something, Scripted has built its own spelling and grammar solution using open source code.


We’re huge advocates of original content and we ensure that all of our content delivered is original through checking every piece of content with iThenticate software. Our writer community values original work and Scripted has a zero-tolerance policy with plagiarism, blacklisting writers who copy work. Additionally, our writers cite sources across all work when requested by businesses in their guidelines.

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Writer Matching Technology
Utilizing NLP (natural language processing), we're able to categorize the niche skills of individual writers based on what they've already written.

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Writer Screening
Our writers undergo a series of tests and are carefully reviewed by Scripted nominated reviewers.

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Copy Editing & Quality Control
Delivering high quality-content to clients is our number one priority. Our team of copy editors checks for spelling, plagiarism, and more.

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Scripted API
Partnering with Scripted has never been easier. Integrate Scripted's services with your platform to have direct access to content on demand.

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