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About Scripted’s Services

Q: Can I choose a writer?

Once you submit your guidelines and select your industries, your job will be matched to a writer who’s well versed in your specific niche. Scripted’s technology will match you to the writer with the best background based on your guidelines and industry. If you find a writer you love, you can ‘Favorite’ them, which will give them first preference in claiming your future jobs. To review work done by our expert writers, visit our expert team pages.

Q: Can I message the writer directly?

You can contact the writer after the first draft has been completed. To send edits or request changes back to the writer, you’ll need to click on the ‘Request Edits’ button at the top of the page when reviewing your piece. You can also write comments to the writer on the right hand side of the document. Writing comments will not send the piece back for edits, but is useful to add more feedback to the piece. Learn more by watching our tutorial on requesting edits.

Q: Can I see a writing sample before submitting a job request?

We take care of the hard part for you–finding good writers. Each writer on Scripted is thoroughly vetted in their specific area of expertise before they are able to claim jobs. To see examples of work from our writers, visit our expert team pages. If you’d like to talk about more specific content, contact our sales team at sales@scripted.com.

Q: How long does it take for the writer to complete the job?

Our standard turn-around time is 5 business days. If you’re in a pinch, we also offer rush jobs to be completed in 3 business days for an additional fee. You’ll be notified via email when your job is complete.

Q: Can I change the primary email account?

Yes, simply click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your screen and select ‘Edit Account Info’. You will then be able to enter a new email address.

Q: Who owns the content written?

You will retain full rights to all content that you have purchased, and are free to use it however you desire. You do not need to provide any acknowledgment to Scripted or our writers.

Q: What is the difference between a general and expertise audience?

All Scripted writers apply to write within a specific industry that they are familiar with. If a general audience writer has extensive expertise within a specific niche of their chosen industry, they may apply to be an Industry Specialist. For example, a qualified business writer might apply to be an industry specialist within the Management Techniques team. All expert writers undergo a separate application process, and only our most experienced writers are accepted. Industry Specialists are able to write expert posts that involve a higher level of research and cover more technical topics. You can select expertise for any content format. Read more about our expert writers on our blog.

Q: What are Account Management Services?

Account Managers provide help and streamline the content creation process by providing an extra layer of editorial support. Some of the key advantages include:

  • An initial kick-off call to become familiar with your content needs.
  • An ongoing point of contact between you and our writers.
  • Assistance with the development of writer guidelines, content pitches, and order scheduling.
  • Curation of a specialist team of writers best suited to your content needs.
  • Editing of all content before delivery.

Contact sales@scripted.com for more details.

Ordering Content

Q: How do I add a job?

To order content, visit your ‘Create a Job’ tab and fill out the job’s guidelines. Watch our tutorial video on ordering content.

Q: Can I upload multiple documents? Upload documents to all jobs?

We’ve made it simple to upload additional documents to specific orders, or to apply to all orders. If you have multiple documents to upload, please put them in a zip file as you can only upload one file. To learn more, read our blog post on uploading documents.

Q: How does topic pitching work?

When creating a new job, you can request that writers pitch you topics. After providing our writers with information regarding the type of posts you’d like, you should begin to receive pitches within 6 to 48 hours. Approve, approve with comments, or reject the pitches as they are submitted. If you accept the pitch, it will become an active job. Please respond to your pitches within 100 hours, or pause your pitch set if you are busy. The more active you are in reviewing pitches, the more likely writers will pitch you more ideas. Learn more through our blog post on topic pitching and our tutorial video on ordering pitches and accepting pitches .

Q: How can I order formats that are not listed on the website?

Scripted writers can write many different forms of content. We often write for custom formats including ebooks, case studies, brochures, book summaries, short stories, and many others. Simply email sales@scripted.com and we will contact you about pricing and setting up your custom format in your account.

Reviewing Content

Q: How do I request edits?

You may request edits after you receive the first draft from your writer. Your edits will only be sent to the writer if you click ‘Request Edits’ in the top right of your account when reading the piece. Watch our request edits tutorial video to learn more.

Q: How do I favorite a writer?

After receiving your completed piece, rate and review the writer. If you love it and want to work with the writer again select ‘Favorite Writer’ in the top right of the page. Favoriting a writer gives that writer first priority on claiming your future work.

Q: How long do I have to review the job? Can a job approval be reversed?

You have 72 business hours to review a job before it becomes auto-accepted. Auto-acceptances occur to keep your Scripted account active and engaged. Once a job is approved, payments will be sent and the approval cannot be reversed.

Finished Content

Q: How to do I download a finished document?

Download your content as a Word Doc, HTML, or in Plain Text. Scripted also has a plugin with WordPress to download your finished jobs directly as drafts in your wordpress account. Remember, you own all rights to the content and all work is checked for plagiarism before being delivered to you.

Q: How does invoicing work?

If you are on a monthly contract, you will be billed once a month. If you’re working a la carte, you will receive an invoice upon job completion. Once you have completed jobs in your account, an ‘Invoice’ tab will be available to view in your dashboard.