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Valerie S

Königsbrunn, Bayern, Deutschland

While I am always happy to write about any kind of topic, my specialty is finding ways to communicate complex issues and subjects in a clear and engaging way. If you need someone to take a dull and long-winded description or a convoluted mess of information and transform it into an appealing easy read, tailored to your specific audience and SEO needs, I will make it happen. Having spent two and a half years in the marketing department of a publisher and media retailer and three years as a research assistant, I like to use my versatile skills and experiences to come up with a unique perspective and the matching tone for all kinds of subjects and purposes.

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Lori B Last online about 10 hours

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Lori was born in Tennessee and has lived in Memphis since 1982. She cherishes the variety of places available to explore in her home state from the musical influences of Elvis Presley’s hometown and Beale Street to the wonders of the Smoky Mountains. Lori enjoys writing about health, travel, green living, personal finance, business management, decorating, family issues and much more. She has worked in the medical field for 25 years, and supplements her income doing what she loves best—writing. Her favorite pastimes are spending time with her loved ones, reading and traveling. Lori attended the University of Arkansas, and the University of Memphis majoring in education and is also a medical assistant. She enjoys writing articles that are informing, entertaining and instructive. She is well-versed in many topics.

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Cheryl R. Baer is a Florida native who has been providing web content for a variety of of clients and organizations since 2012. She has experience writing for a number of different industries, including but not limited to: Dental Industrial Construction Home and Garden Health and Medical Lifestyle Education Parenting Legal

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