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People are looking for ways to use planes every day, whether it's air freight, shipping goods overseas, or even moving without the need of a truck. For all these inquiries, your website can benefit with an air transportation writer. An air transportation writer can write about many different topics, from FedEx's air freight policies to charter planes in tourist countries such as Costa Rica. Readers are also looking for the easiest or cheapest means of flying or shipping, which your website can have all the answers to. Get an air transportation writer now and give your visitors what they're looking for.

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I am an experienced freelance writer with a rich background in teaching, ad creation, and healthcare publications. I have served as an editor of the historic Monroe County Appeal newspaper, been a contributing editor to Maine St. Magazine, and written articles for numerous websites, including Doctor Wise and 50plus-lifestyle.com. My specialties include legal issues, health care, insurance, 50-plus lifestyle concerns, and cybersecurity. Humor is important to me, and I can write satirically as well as seriously. I earned my MFA in creative writing from Spalding University and my MA and BA in English from Truman University.

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