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Jennifer C Last online about 4 hours

Usk, Washington, United States

Jennifer Cameron is a professional writer and editor specializing in software, technology, marketing, sales, accounting, and finance topics. Content marketing strategies are her lifeblood. When she's not helping brands discover their voice, she enjoys design work, writing s...

Customer Ratings 62
$11.4K Earned
35 Customer Favorites
96% Job Acceptance
100% Followed Guidelines
98% Customer Happiness

Rachel M Last online about 8 hours

New Jersey, United States

I'm a former analyst and long-time freelance writer and editor, with experience writing about technology, travel, products, domain names, autism, food, exercise, general topics, and more. Whether you're looking for a formal, intellectual voice or a casual, friendly tone, from ...

Customer Ratings 98
$14.6K Earned
52 Customer Favorites
99% Job Acceptance
100% Followed Guidelines
100% Customer Happiness

Chelsea S Last online about 11 hours

Fox Island, Washington, United States

I'm here to help you find the right words to represent you, your brand, and your story. After earning a degree in creative writing, I spent six years working for a global ministry as an in-house copywriter and editor. While there I worked on marketing emails, web content, ne...

Customer Ratings 27
$2.43K Earned
40 Customer Favorites
97% Job Acceptance
100% Followed Guidelines
100% Customer Happiness

Bonnie W Last online 10 days

Customer Ratings 1
$1.17K Earned
4 Customer Favorites
98% Job Acceptance
100% Followed Guidelines
100% Customer Happiness
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The best way to find the perfect science content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our science writers:

Science Is Making Hangovers A Thing Of The Past

Break out the beads and masks: Mardi Gras is coming up! We all know that means fun with friends, parades, general debauchery and of course, drinking. There are events all over Orlando, from concerts at Universal Studios to bar crawls to private parties. It's a day to remember — the only downside is the next morning.

We've all been there: waking up and remembering the fun you had the night before, then stopping in your tracks and realizing what's coming. You start opening one eye very slowly and see the harsh light of day coming in through your blinds. It... Read More

EarthRx: How Community Mycoremediation Projects Can Clean Up Oil Spills Around the Planet

Back in 2011, the giant Chevron corporation was found guilty of illegally dumping billions of gallons of oil waste into the Ecuadorian rainforest in what has been described as the Amazon's "Chernobyl" and the worst case of oil pollution on the planet. Chevron was ordered to pay $US 9.5 billion to offset the damage they caused, which they are still dodging with an army exceeding 2,000 lawyers while a huge slice of the most bio-diverse and beautiful ecosystem on earth remains contaminated.

This is just one example of the countless giant oil spills that have ruined huge pieces of our... Read More

Challenges in Data Science: How to Better Organize Enterprise Components

How do Data Scientists fit into an organization? How is the role of a Data Scientist different from the role of a Data Engineer? How should the Data Science team be organized to create the most value for the business?

Those are questions companies are struggling with as they begin to incorporate Big Data, Analytics, and Data Science into their technology organizations. The Enterprise Data World 2016 Conference provided insight into the topic at a panel discussion, Organizing for Enterprise Data Science. The panel included Chris Bergh from DataKitchen, John Akred from Silicon Valley Data Science, and Tim Berglund from... Read More

How do I know it’s OK? Swimming through the science communications minefield

How do I know it's OK? This often goes through my mind when I'm writing about science. The mere fact that I'm a scientist doesn't give me authority to write about science: my own research field was unbelievably narrow, and my PhD represents only a tiny fraction of even that field. As with all PhDs, for a short time, yes, I was the world expert in my tiny piece of the science kingdom, but no, that still does not make me an authority on science in general. What it does mean is that 99.99% of the science writing I do... Read More

Polar bears may require feedings from humans to survive

The Society for Conservation Biology released an article this week in its journal Conservation Letters outlining a plan for helping polar bears in crisis. According to 12 polar bear experts, there needs to be a concentrated effort put in place to save the 20,000 to 25,000 remaining polar bears in the wild which may include supplemental feedings by humans. A serious problem facing polar bears is the rapidly dwindling Arctic Sea ice. The 19 polar bear populations in Russia, Greenland, Norway, Canada and Alaska may require feedings by humans to sustain them during long seasons when there is no ice.... Read More

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