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Love My ChallengeBox!

This post is sponsored by ChallengeBox. All opinions are my own.

ChallengeBox, Personalized Challenges Plus Lots More

I was absolutely amazed when I received my awesome ChallengeBox! It was jam packed with goodies. Such a generous arrangement of wonderful products. Check out the fantastic array of items I received: ChallengeBox enables you to create unique boxes that are tailored to your individual goals and preferences. You'll receive really cool workout gear and apparel, as well as a range of scrumptious yet healthy snacks. That's just the beginning... Not only does ChallengeBox take the time and care to craft a... Read More

Get Hot: Simple Bikram Yoga Tips for Beginners

If you are reading this, you have probably decided it's time to take the plunge and give Bikram Yoga a try. You may be worried about whether or not you can do this. Let's face it, watching some of the best yogis balancing their whole body weight on the tips of their fingers while twisting the rest of their body into a pretzel can feel intimidating.

You may have concern that you'll pull a muscle, or worse, embarrass yourself in front of a room full of hot people (and here at YogaSol, that's literally hot…as in temperature).

But don't worry!... Read More

Level up your health game with wearables, RPGs, and … zombies?

Level up your health game with wearables, RPGs, and … zombies?

Forget virtual reality—fitness wearables are one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer tech. Connected tech that tracks your sleep, steps, nutrition, and heart rate is expected to reach 162.9 million units by 2020, according to Business Insider. So, chances are, you and many other IT team members are currently sporting a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Jawbone, Garmin, or any number of other popular tools.

Beyond standard user interface, fitness wearables at the office can be a platform for team bonding and group health activities far beyond their own apps.... Read More

Keto: Not Just Another Fad Diet

You may have tried your fair share of low carbohydrate diets over the years, including the well-known Atkins plan. However, have you heard of the Ketogenic, or keto, diet that's taking the world by storm? This low carbohydrate diet option gives you a surefire way to lose weight by limiting sugars and loading up on fats and protein. The Basics Keto kick starts your body into burning fat stores rather than relying on glucose for energy. If you are eating less than fifty grams of carbohydrates a day while maintaining high fat and protein macros, your liver will produces plenty... Read More

5 Healthier Snacks for Busy Days

May is a busy, busy month! With graduation season and Memorial Day weekend, you might find yourself out and about quite frequently this month. Remember to eat healthy with these five grab-and-go snacks for those busy days and long weekends. 1. Almonds and String Cheese Almonds are the perfect on-the-go snack. Keep a plastic baggie or small container in your purse for those times you need a little crunch and a lot of protein. Stick to a portion of about 12 almonds to stay on track. On the road? You can find string cheese at most gas stations, meaning you... Read More

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