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3 Ways to Add Some Parisian Chic to Your Wardrobe

Paris is a wonderful combination of old-world charm and effortless class. Strolling the cobblestone streets and people watching from corner cafés on my latest trip gave me a good view of what's going on in the French fashion world. And, girls, it's very different than the perfect-hair, mask-of-makeup look we've got going on this side of the pond.

Parisian women have a captivating sense of self-confidence that exudes from carelessly thrown-on clothes, slightly messy hair, and minimalistic jewelry. The simplicity is arresting. You won't find enormous J.Crew-style statement necklaces in Paris or flawless hair or perfectly matching outfits. In Paris,... Read More

Tommy Hilfiger talks bringing Gigi Hadid to London

Tommy Hilfiger knows all too well the meaning of failure. In 1976 at the age of 25, his first company went bankrupt, leaving the designer and his stylish wares high and dry.

Unlike plenty of others before and after him, the 66-year-old didn't give up. Instead, he turned what some would call an embarrassment into the catalyst for a £4.9 billion empire (and a £184 million personal net worth to boot).

Heritage brands (which Tommy Hilfiger is arguably now a part of) can run the risk of being labelled stale. Their sales may be up but their designs are hardly... Read More

Bringing Order to Fashion Chaos

Bringing Order to Fashion Chaos

When you walk into a small fashion boutique, it can feel almost like a liberating experience. Although by nature I am not a shopper and small boutique prices terrify me, I do enjoy the pristine, sparse environs of an intimate and high-end boutique. Each garment is delicately hung several inches from its neighboring items, the displays are fastidiously placed in strategic areas of the store, and the hardwood floors have not a speck of dust. Even the store personnel are meticulous in their attire and comportment. Equally tranquil, it seems, is the transition from one... Read More

Jenny Packham: Gowns Fit For A Goddess

Designer Jenny Packham is most known for her elegant wedding gowns. She designs sleek silhouettes – ones that you would see draped across Greek goddesses. Packham says her collections are designed for brides who are individuals and just a bit alternative. Her description is evident in her works – you'll find deep v-necks and sheer sleeves, all made with elegance and class, of course. "I feel our brides are empowered women who know what they want and have strong sense [of] their identity. Obviously, they love fashion and glamour," Packham said on bridal website Brides.com. What would any bridal collection... Read More

Sustainable Fashion Inspired by the Weaving Villages in Vietnam

One of the main reasons visitors go to Vietnam is to experience the many handicraft villages that are run by skillful artisans. These villages' areas of expertise can range from pottery making to wood carving, from embroidery to folklore painting to weaving. There are approximately 2,000 of these craft villages, some of which have managed to maintain their traditional techniques throughout the ages. To these groups of people, handicrafts offer the opportunity to maintain and preserve their cultural heritage, and they also provide jobs, which is imperative in a country where the ethnic minority population is stricken with poverty; over... Read More

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