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Joanne T Last online 1 day

Los Angeles, California, United States

A writer of diverse interests, Joanne Thomas has penned pieces about road trips for Hyundai, children's craft projects for Disney and wine cocktails for Robert Mondavi. She has lived on three continents and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is co-owner and editor of ...

Customer Ratings 180
$48.3K Earned
41 Customer Favorites
100% Job Acceptance
97% Followed Guidelines
100% Customer Happiness

Jeff R Last online about 10 hours

I am a freelance writer avid reader and seeker of truth. My focus is on finding value that others have overlooked, and focusing on details, the ones where a small adjustment can achieve a huge result.

Customer Ratings 59
$4.79K Earned
12 Customer Favorites
83% Job Acceptance

Frank M Last online 1 minute

Frank Mitchell is a professional Freelance Writer in Dallas, TX. He holds a BBA from the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University. He has worked in the Transportation and Logistics industry for over a decade. He writes about Transportation and Logistics, Small Bu...

Customer Ratings 9
$2.26K Earned
6 Customer Favorites
100% Job Acceptance
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