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Creating a Job using the Scripted API Docs

Your new-fangled, mobile-first social network will never get any traction if its UI is sloppy. Pinterest, Instagram and Airbnb have taught us that design is paramount to adoption. But APIs with awful documentation are a dime a dozen. An API’s documentation is its human interface, so why make it look like it was written for robots? Why can’t API documentation eat its own dogfood?

The Scripted API Documentation is built on the Scripted API. It is dynamic and interactive. You can use it to build queries and test them without ever writing a line of code. If you are particularly masochistic, you could even use the API Docs instead of our user interface and walk away with 90% of the site’s functionality.

Just to prove that concept, let’s have a blog post written using only the Scripted API Docs.

0. Sign in or Join.

1. Select the industries that your writer should understand.

2. Turn off sandboxing.

3. Run the query.

Voila! In 5 days, you’ll have a Blog Post titled 10 Reasons to Post to the Scripted API.

My hope is that this is the kind of documentation that even non-technical folks can get excited about, but what do you think? Would you share it with your Uncle Karl? If so, tell him to follow me on twitter (@jakekring).

So without further ado, here are the aforementioned 10 Reasons to Post to the Scripted API by Frank Caron (a Scripted Writer):

10. Elegant Recommendations For Professional Profiles

Everyone loves to get recommendations on their online professional profiles, but very few people — especially those whose recommendations would really count for something — love writing them. Scripted to the rescue.

By including a “Write This Recommendation For Me” button, sites like LinkedIn and Branchout could allow busy managers to jot a few bullet points and have a well-written recommendation penned for them in no time.

9. Full-service Cover Letters For Job Portals

Some of us need those recommendations now more than ever, too. The job market is still rocky, and standing out among the thousands of applicants on popular online job portals can be tough. A cover letter is really the only way to make an impression online, and writing good ones is no small feat.

Fear not, job seekers. Scripted’s got you covered. By including a “Write Me A Cover Letter” button*, online job portals can give members a way to get a professionally-written cover letter written just by providing some basic details about their goals, hopes, dreams, and passions.

8. Compelling Small Business Copy For Local Listing & Review Sites

Sites like Yext and Yelp are giving small businesses a chance to play with the big boys these days, but big businesses still have a definitive edge thanks to their massive marketing budgets and heaps of catch phrases, slogans, and jingles.

What if compelling copy was just a click away? Using the Scripted API, these sites could offer business owners a way to get location or service descriptions that are as SEO-sensitive and effective as they are charming and memorable.

7. One-Click Content For Inbound Marketing Suites

Speaking of marketing, there are plenty of software suites out there that offer businesses of all sizes the ability to manage marketing and lead generation. These suites specialize in automating and streamlining the marketing process as much as possible.

Why stop at just saving money through process refinements? By integrating the Scripted API, sites like Marketo and HubSpot could offer marketeers the chance to get copy written for any number of different marketing initiatives effortlessly: tweets, blog posts, tag lines, product copy—anything and everything a marketing team needs could be had in no time thanks to our inexhaustible pool of talented writers.

6. Ghost-written Posts For Blogging Platforms

The same idea could also work for blogging platforms, particularly enterprise ones. SEO is a tricky art, but Scripted writers are world-class experts at blending careful SEO with compelling writing. Our writers don’t just wantonly inject keywords into fluff articles at the last second: they write content that readers love reading, setting your brand apart in ways that go beyond just the search result rankings.

Given that Scripted has a deluge of experience in producing rock-solid ghost-writing for major corporate clients, direct integration with blogging platforms and content management systems is a no-brainer.

5. Emails For Email Marketing Platforms

While we’re solving business problems, why not solve the biggest of them all? Writing emails. Writing emails is a chore and writing marketing emails doubly so: grabbing people’s interest and offering them something of value while avoiding the dreaded wall of text is as much a challenge as avoiding spam filters.

Charming and carefully-written emails can do wonders, though. By integrating with Scripted, MailChimp and Constant Contact could give marketeers an effortless way to create engaging emails that are sensitive not just to junk mail filters but also to readers’ mental filters.

4. Effortless Descriptions For Event Planning Sites

Of course, let’s not forget about the event personnel on marketing teams around the world. Often they have to come up with compelling copy without the luxury of dedicated copywriting staff.

Event planners would rather focus on planning the event, and we agree. That’s why the Scripted API makes perfect sense for sites like Eventbrite: planners simply pump in some basic event details and a link to their company’s website, and our writers will pump out a Press Release that has the crowd lining up for an event (in an orderly fashion, on time, and following instructions to the letter, mind you).

3. Awesome Ads For Classifieds & Auction Sites

Business clients are great, but we at Scripted never want to forget about the little guy. Online personal classifieds and auction sites can benefit from the same type of marketing-centric love.

How can classified and auction sites leverage the Scripted API to help the everyperson sell used yoga mats and old Mad Men DVDs? You guessed it: a simple “Write My Ad” button integrated into the ad listing process could give sellers the chance to get amazing ads written for them.

2. Website Copy And Content For Web Page Building Platforms

Ads aren’t the only thing the little guy may need hand written, mind you. Plenty of little guys and gals are making websites using Weebly and Yola. Given that Scripted already offers content-writing services for websites, a one-click “Write Me Some Content” button would be a natural fit for these platforms.

1. Personal Notes For Flower & Gift Delivery Services

While long-form and copy writing seems like the natural fit for Scripted’s services, putting feelings to a page with just a few words can be infinitely more difficult. That’s why major greeting card manufacturers can charge top dollar for clever, catchy, and contagious cards.

Poetry is hard. That’s why Scripted writers diligently read Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare alike. Integration into the checkout process for these sites via the Scripted API could give everyone the chance to have a personal poet who will move your loved one to tears, smiles, laughs, or all of the above.

* Okay, I admit this one is a bit over the top.

And lastly, a big thanks to the good folks at Bootstrap for making design easier.