What is a Social Media Strategy?

Social media is not just another tool in the marketing toolbox. In a way, it’s an entirely new, more social toolbox. The key thing to keep in mind is that social media marketing strategies involve building relationships. In that sense, effective customer interaction isn’t about selling; it’s about adding value.

Before starting a campaign, businesses should ensure that it’s kept up. It’s far better not to engage in social media at all instead of engaging and then abandoning efforts. It’s vital to keep up with content writing and blogging efforts once they’ve been implemented.

Social Media Marketing Benefits
Businesses embracing social media marketing have noted the following:

Customers Make the Best Salespeople
A passionate customer can create more positive influence than any company generated campaign. With social media marketing, it’s much easier for customers who love a business to share that love with multiple friends and followers.

Customer Engagement and Feedback Increases
Companies who engage in social media marketing discover how their customers feel about the company’s products and services. Social media marketing strategies enable companies to respond to customers more quickly.

Customers are Willing to Test New Products and Services
Companies can test market products and services without investing huge sums of money into the project. Major corporations have paid billions of dollars to gain these types of insights, now companies can gauge this information for free.

Social Media Marketing Improves Search Engine Rankings
Businesses that are connected to social media sites enjoy higher search engine rankings. The rankings are achieved with much less effort than typical SEO strategies.

Social Media Marketing Creates Conversations
Listening is a critical skill for companies. Social media marketing is about creating conversations. An effective social media marketing strategy is a relationship building exercise that can provide insights into understanding customer wants and needs.

Social media strategies can be an extremely powerful method for increasing brand awareness, generating leads and converting visitors into customers. Unfortunately this won’t happen if social media isn’t being used properly. Most businesses forget social media involves conversation, not a monologue.

Which Social Media Channels Should a Business Use?
Most businesses have set up Facebook pages. Facebook is an obvious choice because the site has the more members than other social media sites. Business pages that perform best are those that are the most social.

Before deciding which social media channels to target, a business should consider the following:

What is the end goal?
Does the business want to sell more products, get more traffic, or obtain more awareness? The purpose of the campaign will determine where to concentrate efforts.

Who is the target audience?
Knowing who will be most interested in the business and what websites they visit will determine overall social media strategy.

Investing in a social media marketing strategy takes time. Sales tactics that involve building relationships with consumers do take more time, but they offer more significant rewards than other strategies.

Engaging in one social media campaign usually won’t bring in meaningful results, but embracing a social media strategy and maintaining a commitment to it can create a brand new culture for a company and its customers. If time is a major issue, it may be wise to hire writers to ensure that the campaign being effectively run.