Insights into Corporate Blogs: Warby Parker, Whole Foods Market, IBM

Content marketing has become an invaluable strategy for any business that wants to successfully develop a community of loyal customers connected with their brand. Scripted will highlight industry leaders who are successfully leveraging the power of content marketing to provide honest and valuable resources that resonate with their customers in ways that are both informative and entertaining.

Warby Parker

Courtney Boyd Myers/Flickr


The Warby Parker blog reads like the scrapbook of a passionate designer, combining stylish photography with conversational writing that is both personal and informal. Warby Parker’s success lies in the way that has created a blog that targets the lifestyle of its customers, rather than focusing solely on its line of sunglasses.

An ongoing road-trip across the USA provides the perfect backdrop for staff to connect with their audience, using personal stories to showcase some of America’s top destinations, restaurants and designers as encountered during their travels. Other highlight features include summer playlists, cocktail recipes, and obscure books from the past.



Whole Foods Market

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Whole Food’s success revolves around knowing its customers and providing products that align with their values. Their ‘Whole Story’ blog is a perfect example of this process in action, with posts promoting a wholesome lifestyle that is sustainable and socially responsible.

In addition to providing recipes and healthy eating recommendations, Whole Foods provides lifestyle tips that embed itself as part of a whole way of life rather than just a place to shop. Some recurring features include posts on environmental stewardship, local issues, gardening, raising children, as well as natural health and beauty advice.




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.Sometimes older companies can find it difficult to engage with social media, however IBM proves that success can be achieved when harnessing the right content strategy. Within its Tumblr blog, IBM connects with its audience by focusing on the people of IBM. Staff are regularly featured in a range of formats including video profiles detailing their achievements, as well as inspirational quotes about life and innovation. Other posts include summaries of some of IBM’s most significant discoveries, patents, and inventions, as well as cool projects like the creation of the world’s smallest stop motion film. Each post is short and sweet, and features stylish imagery that captures the reader’s attention. Best of all, by sharing their content on a social media platform such as Tumblr, each IBM post becomes easily share-able across a wide network of users.