5 Ways Content Marketing Can Improve your Sales Funnel

Quality content for your sales team can help acquire more customers, educate potential leads and more by improving the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

For the best results, sales and content teams should be joined at the hip. There needs to be constant communication about the content customers want at every stage of the buying process. The sales team should also be involved in developing customer personas, since they interact with customers regularly. Additionally, the sales team is in the best position to tell the content team what will move leads down the sales funnel and what the competition is offering. Lastly, measuring everything is the best way for teams to know what is working, what isn’t and how to improve their strategies. Let’s dive into each of these five ways content and sales teams can work together.

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1. Create Content for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Some companies already have content for every stage of their sales funnel, but you need to think of this problem from the customer’s perspective. They want information at every stage of the buying process. From the moment they realize they have a problem until they find the right solution, social buyers are looking for information and content that will guide them to the right solution. If your company doesn’t help them along the way, then your competition will. During the early phases of a big purchase, the sales and content teams take on the role of a trusted advisor. You must have content that will guide customers to the products and services you offer.

2. Develop Buyer Personas

Some customer segments are more profitable than others. Following the Pareto Principle, chances are that 80 percent of your profits come from just 20 percent of your customers. When you’re building out your content portfolio, you want to be sure that you’re targeting these segments first. The best way to identify these personas is to ask your sales team. They know which customers are buying your products and services most often, and they can give you a vivid description of your ideal customer. Then you just have to develop content to serve the needs of this core customer.

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3. Write Articles That Nurture Leads

While the sales and content teams are collaborating, this would be a great time to ask about the content that moves leads. Sales teams know exactly what customers are looking for, and that’s what the content team needs to deliver. Have members of the sales team jot down a list of the most frequently requested content, and pass that list over to the content team so they can include it on their editorial calendar.

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4. Be Different from Your Competitors

When a member of the sales team is shot down because the competition has offered the client more information or better content, this is a great opportunity. Knowing what the competition is offering can help your content team develop similar or superior content. Sales teams should tell the content team about any information on products being offered by the competition.

5. Measure Your Content’s Success Through Direct Sales

The best way to ensure that the content team is delivering quality leads to the sales team is to measure everything. With the marketing software and customer relationship management (CRM) software available today, this is easier than ever before. When you track where leads come from, how they interact with your brand and when they generate sales, you can begin to tweak your systems. Fine tuning your content and sales strategies with this data can make your business much more profitable.

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