What Happened In Content Marketing News This Week

There’s a lot of news out there talking about how to create awesome content, but here’s what caught our attention in the content marketing space this week.

Here at Scripted, we get together regularly to discuss the most interesting topics in content marketing news — and this week was another exciting one in the space. Below we’ve put together a recap of the headlines that caught our eye — from articles about where the industry is heading to discussing current trends.

Add These 12 Content Marketing Tools to Your Startup’s Arsenal

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Our friends at Entrepreneur released a great article about 12 of the top tools needed to jump start any content marketing campaign. The 12 tools listed are some of the most useful in the industry today.

Why it’s important: We know content marketing has its challenges, so having these 12 tools in your arsenal will make any content marketers life much easier.

What Hollywood and Cats Can Teach You About Creating Marketing Personas

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HubSpot gives us a creative take on marketing personas by comparing marketers to Hollywood screenwriters. There are some great insights in this article that stress the need for both marketers and screenwriters to emotionally connect with their target audiences.

Why it’s important: The emotional connection the author stresses in the article is a great way to create a sense of trust and transparency between companies and customers, which is crucial for any marketing campaign.

Growthverse Attempts the Impossible: Making Sense of Marketing Tech

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Ever feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing landscape of marketing tech? The people at Growthverse decided to make this marketing tech jungle a little easier to navigate by creating a clean, online visual tool that allows marketers to quickly find the right technology for their needs.

Why it’s important: The overwhelming marketing-tech world gets a little bit easier to grasp thanks to the introduction of this great tool!

Think with Google

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Not exactly news, but a new source for content marketing news. Google recently launched Think with Google which allows content marketers to receive up to date information and useful tools from the world of marketing.

Why it’s important: Think with Google is a great way to stay informed and inspired within the content marketing space.

What did you read in the news this week? Add to our list in the comments section below!

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