Finding Your Audience Through Surveys, Social Media & Events

The new era of search marketing and SEO requires that publishers reach their audience using means other than keyword-based visibility. Up through 2012, the practice was to make sure that companies create text, audio and video around the exact keywords that individuals were searching for. This data on the search patterns of Internet users (the … Read more

Inspiration from Content Experts and Disqus hosted a panel discussion on Practical Applications of Content Marketing last Thursday.  With content marketers in attendance from all over the Bay Area, appetizers, and plenty of beer/wine, the event was an excellent opportunity for discussing content marketing strategies and trends. Here’s what was discussed: Luca Penati (Ogilvy) On the importance of having … Read more

Content Marketing Discussions

The Event On September 26th, Scripted and Disqus will be hosting a panel discussion on Practical Applications of Content Marketing.  The panelists are four experts in the space, and have subject matter expertise on the effectiveness of content marketing: Luca Penati (Ogilvy), Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Semil Shah (Techcrunch), and David Fleck (Disqus).  The event is … Read more