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You Can Own and Run a Start-Up Even If You Are Disabled

by Jason T.
Disabled people need a lot of flexibility in their working conditions. Start-ups have highly flexible working environments. So it seems easy to assume that the disabled find working in start-ups easy. How about taking it a step further and creating your own start-up? Of course, it is not as simple as that. This article looks at the various resources available to disabled people who wish to start their own business and how to cope with its demands.
Jason T.

About Jason T.

My name is Jason and I've been writing for online and offline publications for the most part of my professional life. I love writing about technology and business, but anything else is fine too unless it doesn't go over my head. I fancy meeting real people, in my neighborhood and streets. Social media is not my cup of tea but I find online messaging services extremely handy. My pastimes include reading books and magazines and also watching movies and sports with my favorite people.