Why You Need to Live By the 60-20-20 Budget

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Explains to consumers why the 60-20-20 budget works best. This budget recommends 60% of one's income for needs (housing, food, clothing, etc.), 20% for savings (emergency funds, funding retirement accounts, etc.), and 20% for "fun" or things you want to do. This budget is the perfect balance of needs/savings/wants. This piece will introduce the budget to consumers and explain why it would be beneficial for their family to use this budget to accommodate their lifestyle. It allows you to save and have fun without neglecting the basics or being caught in a dilemma if an emergency ever strikes.

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I am a professional blogger and article writer who graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in May 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in professional writing and a minor in literature. My niches vary from residential real estate (probably my most experienced niche) to dining/food/restaurants to senior services to retirement to personal finance writing and back again. I look forward to writing blogs that will meet all of your company or business's needs while charging a reasonable rate for my services.

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