Top 5 SEO and Lead Generation trends for 2019

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The blog will open with a brief introduction of SEO/Lead generation and its significance. Then it will further move on to concisely discussing the top 5 SEO/Lead generation trends for 2019 and will finally end in a brief conclusion.

Wajeeh K

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan •

Hi, This is Wajeeh Khan. I have a BS (HONS) in Applied Biosciences and an MS degree in Public Health. I have an experience of over 5 years in freelance content writing. I have worked on different platforms with different clients on various projects belonging to a whole range of niches. I take pride in making a thorough research into the given topic before writing a piece that enables me to deliver premium-quality content as per the requirements of my clients. What's more is that I type at 100 words per minute on average that ensures a highly competitive turnaround time. Since I'm doing this as a full-time content writer, I can handle a lot more work than an average writer without compromising the quality or missing the deadline. 100% unique content with no grammatical, punctuation, or otherwise mistakes is what I have to offer. Fe...

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