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Improving the quality of writing on the internet

1/1/2008: Sunil, Ryan and Zak start, a platform that allows screenwriters to collaborate on screenplays and sell them to Hollywood producers.

is born

6/1/2008: reaches new milestone: 5,000 writers. It continues to grow at a pace of 50 writers per day.

5,000 writers


80,000 writers

3/1/2011: hits 80,000 writers, but producers aren't interested in buying screenplays from the site. Businesses begin reaching out to Sunil and Ryan to see if they can hire writers for non-entertainment industry projects — like blog posts.

A light bulb goes off.

is born

6/1/2011: is officially born. Ryan acquires the URL in exchange for a baseball cap.

$1 million seed round

11/1/2011: The business gains enough traction in a short amount of time to draw interest from outside investors. Crosslink Capital leads a $1 million seed round.


1/1/2012: Jake Kring and Shellie Citron join to build the new product. Together they decide on one mission: to better the quality of written content on the Internet by helping businesses create it at scale. becomes a technology and logistics layer between businesses and writers.

Introducing Jake and Shellie


Series A: $4.5 million

6/1/2013: Business continues to thrive. Redpoint Ventures co-leads into a Series A for $4.5 million dollars – the team expands to 13 people.

Series A Funding


1/1/2014: doubles in size and moves to a new office in SoMa.

6/1/2014: Scripted grows the team with new leadership. Griffin Dorman came from Box to become the Director of Product, and JD Peterson from Zendesk to focus on growth as the Chief Revenue Officer.

Introducing JD and Griffin

Series B Funding

11/1/2014: Storm Ventures leads a series B round for $9 million dollars as the company continues to focus on quality and usability for clients to create content easily.


Introducing the new

3/24/2015: The new Scripted. Scripted rebrands with a new logo and launches a new UI for customers to order content. Scripted's office also moves to a larger space in SOMA.

The business continues to focus on creating the highest quality content on the Internet.

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